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Welcome to my CRUX ports repository (get sync file)

These packages are my contributions to CRUX Linux's package collection.
There is a chance that some packages are duplicated from the core/opt/contrib or other repositories for my own purpose!
You can contact me via email at "shin at sterneck dot asia"

Featured Packages/Ports:

I would be happy to create additional packages during my free time. Just email me at "shin at sterneck dot asia" if you have any ports/package creation requests.

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
chromium33.0.1750.152-1Open source version of Google Chrome web browser (kerberos enabled)2014-04-01
enca1.15-2enca - guess and convert encoding of text files2014-02-11
exfat-utils1.0.1-4Utilities for exFAT file system2014-02-11
freemind1.0.0-1freemind - A free mind mapping tool2014-02-11
freeradius2.2.3-1FreeRadius - The world's most popular RADIUS Server2014-02-11
fuse-exfat1.0.1-3Free exFAT file system implementation2014-02-11
json-glib0.16.2-2json-glib, Serialization and deserialization support for JSON2014-03-20
kdeconnect0.5.1-1kdeconnect - KDE-Connect for KDE2014-04-05
kdeplasma-applets-plasma-nm0.9.3.3-1Plasma applet for managing network connections2014-03-20
konversation1.5-1konversation - A user friendly IRC client for KDE2014-02-11
ksshaskpass0.5.3-1KDE4 implementation of ssh-askpass with Kwallet integration2014-04-01
libnm-qt0.9.8.1-1Qt-only wrapper for NetworkManager DBus API2014-03-20
lz4r112-2LZ4 - a very fast lossless compression algorithm2014-02-11
mlt0.9.0-1open source multimedia framework, designed and developed for television broadcasting2014-02-11
netbeans7.4-2Fully-featured Java IDE - Bundled with GlassFish and Tomcat2014-02-11
networkmanager-openconnect0.9.8.6-4networkmanager-openconnect - NetworkManager VPN service plugin for OpenConnect2014-03-20
networkmanager-openvpn0.9.8.4-4networkmanager-openvpn - NetworkManager VPN service plugin for OpenVPN2014-03-20
openconnect5.03-1openconnect - a VPN client for Cisco AnyConnect VPN2014-03-21
pdns3.3.1-1pdns - PowerDNS authoritative-only DNS Server 2014-02-11
perfstat720110411-1NetApp Perfstat utility2014-02-11
picocom1.7-2picocom - dump tiny terminal emulation (like minicom, but smaller)2014-02-11
plasma-wallpaper-dreamdesktop0.3.0-1DreamDesktop - Video Wallpaper for the plasma desktop2014-04-05
pound2.6-3pound - Reverse Proxy and Load Balancer2014-02-11
pound-experimental2.7b-3pound - Reverse Proxy and Load Balancer (Experimental Version)2014-02-11
quassel0.9.2-1Quassel IRC - a modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client2014-02-22
recorditnow0.8.1-5recorditnow - Plugin based desktop recorder for KDE SC 4 2014-02-11
squirrel-sql3.5.0-1SQuirreL - Java based SQL Database Administration Tool2014-02-11
x11vnc-script1.1-2simple script to make x11vnc easier to start2014-02-11
yed3.11.1-2yed - quickly and effectively generate high-quality diagrams2014-02-11

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